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  • Call us to see how much you can save At Affordable Powertrain we stock affordable used auto and truck engines
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  • Looking For a Premium, Affordable Used Transmission? Whether you have a Honda Accord or even an old beetle needing some
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  • Used, Rebuilt & Remanufactured Transfer Cases Are you a 4WD enthusiasts like us, are you looking for an affordable transfer
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Used engines, used transmissions, & used transfer cases!

Rock bottom prices - just a phone call away

Affordable Powertrain has one of the largest, most comprehensive selections of used engines, used transmissions, used transfer cases and other hard to find drivetrain components. Our sales staff will help you find the right part, whether it’s a remanufactured transmission for your Ford F350 or a premium used engine for your 745I, at a price that matches our name…Affordable.

Exact Fit.  We are dedicated to getting you the part you need to get your car or truck up and running fast.  We’re proud to offer one of the largest and most comprehensive collections of used engines and transmissions available anywhere in the world.  Our friendly and knowledgeable staff can help you search through our massive inventory of used transmissions and engines, or browse through our transfer cases, to help you find the exact match to your make, model, and special requirements.

Hard to Find.  Having trouble finding used engines for sale that correspond to older automobiles or automobiles that are no longer in production? This is where Affordable Powertrain really shines!  We have a massive inventory of engines for sale for older cars that are no longer manufactured. Mustangs, Camaros, Cougars, Broncos, Blazers – whatever kind of used engines, transmissions or  transfer cases you’re looking for, the helpful staff of Affordable Powertrain is here to help.

Affordable.  We know that replacing the powertrain in your car or truck can be an expensive and time consuming process, and we know that today’s economic times make such costly replacement efforts even more difficult. This is why Affordable Powertrain promises you that when you call, you’ll get through to a live person who will match you with the right make, model, and specific requirements. Even better, our agent will work with you personally to help make sure that you pay the lowest possible price when you purchase any of our used engines, transmissions, or transfer cases.

Quick Shipping.  Affordable Powertrain .com also offers you a large menu of options when it comes to shipping your used engines and transmissions. Whether you need your engines or power train parts shipped directly to you, to your office, or to your chosen mechanic, we have a number of shipping options to ensure that your needs are fully and completely satisfied.

Our goal at Affordable Powertrain is to make sure that you can find and purchase one of our used engines, transmissions, or transfer cases that meets your needs, have it shipped to your location of choice - fast!  We have the experience, expertise, and professional staff to get all of this done quickly, and we’re looking forward to hearing from you soon!

The right part at the right price. Call now: (888) 260-7210