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Ford Used Parts

Continuing the legacy of the world’s inventor of the modern automobile, Ford has a long history of loyalty and has become an American standard in the automotive world. Founded in 1903 by Henry Ford himself, Ford Motor Company has been mass-producing vehicles both abroad and at home. The iconic Ford Model T sold 16.5 units between 1908 and 1927. In 1925, Ford delved into the luxury vehicle market with the purchase of Lincoln, which introduced a reasonably-priced V8 engine with the Lincoln Zephyr, and created the mid-priced division, Mercury.

Ford has gained much reputation for its muscle cars. The Ford Thunderbird offered a combination of performance and luxury, and the Ford Mustang gave motorists a powerful V8 engine at a reasonable price. The Mustang has gone on to sell record numbers of units as well as giving owners an unlimited spectrum of customization and individuality in their vehicle.

Perhaps the most popular Ford series in recent years is the Ford F Series of pickup trucks. In fact, the F Series trucks have been the best-selling vehicles in America for decades and continue to sell high numbers of units today. Along with the F Series, Ford’s midsize SUV, the Explorer, proved wildly popular in the 1990’s.

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