Used Jaguar Parts

No other brand has gained such a reputation for elegance, class, and performance. Originating in the United Kingdom, Jaguar has assumed the sophistication of British luxury. Tracing back to the Swallow Sidecar Company which was founded in 1922, the first Jaguar was the SS Jaguar 100 introduced in 1935. It was in the 1950’s that Jaguar began selling their line of luxury vehicles in the United States. The Mark VI Saloon, a vehicle made specifically for US motorists, hit the market in 1951, and in 1956, won the prize at the Monte Carlo Rally.

1990 saw the buyout of Jaguar by Ford, making the United States Jaguar’s new home, and, in 1997, Jaguar launched its new AJ-V8, an engine that was both compact and powerful. As time stretched into the new millennium, Jaguar witnessed a loss of sales, and Ford was forced to sell the luxury brand to Indian manufacturer, Tata, in 2008. Today, Jaguar produces new models like the XK and XF and shows signs of progress in model and design.

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