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Around the world, Mercedes-Benz is known as the pinnacle of class, luxury, and excellence. The brand initially came out of a merger between Daimler and Benz in 1926. Very early on, Mercedes-Benz began proving itself as a brand of innovation when the 1931 170 model introduced itself as the first vehicle equipped with four-wheel suspension. In 1950, Mercedes-Benz introduced the first super car to the world, the 300 SL “Gullwing,” which was bred with racing technology and radiating style.

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The 1960’s witnessed new strides in luxury. The Mercedes-Benz 600, an elegant sedan, boasted a V8 engine that pumped-out 300 horsepower, a state-of-the-art air suspension system, and came in a limousine version. The luxury status only heightened into the 1970’s as well. The S-Class sedans and coupes pampered customers with countless bells and whistles and provided a powerful engine under the hood. Safety was also a focus for the automaker in the 1970’s, for it was the first to introduce anti-lock brakes in its vehicles.

The safety focus continued well into the 1980’s. Mercedes-Benz was the first maker to offer traction control and airbags in its vehicles. In the 1990’s, Mercedes-Benz partnered with performance and tuning shop, AMG, to up the performance levels of its vehicles. In 1995, the C36 AMG hit the US market and has since added upgrades to almost all of its vehicles. Today, Mercedes-Benz shows no signs of letting up on its innovation, luxury, nor levels of excellence. Mercedes-Benz now offers a plethora of varied styles including SUVs and roadsters, and continues to be one of the most celebrated brands in automotive history.

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