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Jeep Transfer Cases

If you’re having problems with your Jeep transfer case and want to replace it with a used or rebuilt part, then look no further. Here at Affordable Powertrain, we pride ourselves for carrying one of the largest and most comprehensive inventories of high-quality used Jeep parts, Call Now:
all coming at very affordable prices and covered under a fair warranty, ensuring that your money is well worth spent.

Replacing an entire transfer case is far easier, not to mention cheaper, than overhauling it. This is precisely why buying our used Jeep transfer cases is such a great deal. Save hundreds of dollars buying used Jeep transfer cases from us, instead of buying a new part at double the price.

Our used Jeep transfer cases have all been thoroughly tested prior to shipment, from the smallest individual piece to the entire completed assembly, ensuring that your investment will last through constant wear and tear. All parts that are no longer serviceable are replaced with the highest quality parts available.

However, simply replacing parts doesn’t guarantee the performance and quality of a used Jeep transfer case. With our expertise and experience, we make sure to provide you with only the best used Jeep transfer cases, with quality at par with brand new units! So what are you waiting for? Call us now!   888-260-7210

Our operators are on standby, ready to lend you a helping hand and help you find the used Jeep transfer case you’re looking for.

The right part at the right price. Call now: (888) 260-7210

Jeep Transfer Cases In Stock

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NP229 NP247
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