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Used Transfer Cases

Used, Rebuilt & Remanufactured Transfer Cases

Are you a 4WD enthusiasts like us, are you looking for an affordable transfer case for your 4WD that is not going to sacrifice; safety, performance and reliability? If you answered yes to those questions you have come to the right place.

Affordable Powertrain - Your One Stop Used Transfer Case Shop! Call: 888-260-7210 (toll free)

At Affordable Powertrain we stock a range of premium used transfer cases from all makes and models of 4WD including the foreign, domestic and even the hard to find transfer cases. You name it and Affordable Powertrain will have it! Between our 10+ warehouses located around the USA we have stock flowing out our doors. So much stock in-fact that we are practically giving away transfer cases just to make room for better used transfer cases for our customers. So no matter what transfer case you are looking for Affordable Powertrain will have it in stock.

So if you are looking for a well cared for premium used transfer case call one of our 4WD enthusiasts on 888-260-7210 (remember its toll free). We are sure to have the right transfer case for you at a price you can afford.

Quality Used Transfer Cases & Quality Service

Affordable Powertrain has been around for over a decade as a family run and owned business, just like everyone else we also felt the pinch of the economic downturn over the last couple of years. As a family we know how stressful and hard it can be on the family or individuals budget. That is why the family team here at Affordable Powertrain strives to give you quality service and advice and a used transfer case at a price you can afford. We can find you a used transfer case at a fraction of the price you can expect to pay for a new transfer case. Save your money, time and effort and buy with Affordable Powertrain, we will look after you. Just like we have been for the last decade.

At Affordable Powertrain being a family business we pride ourselves on old fashioned quality service to give you up to the minute pricing and details. Give us a call today on our toll free number 888-260-7210 to speak to one of our 4WD enthusiasts. No matter if you are a small business, dealership, service station, technician, mechanic or the everyday driver looking for a better deal.

Used Transfer Cases for Sale

At Affordbale Powertrain we have the used transfer case you are looking for and not only will we give you a great used transfer case, but you will get it quickly as well. With our wide range of stock and number of warehouses across the country, we are your one stop used transfer case shop!

What you get when calling Affordable Powertrain:

  • Detailed information and answers about the used transfer case history
  • Speaking to a real person that is able to give you up to the date prices and stock
  • The ability with over a decade of experience to find the right used transfer case for you
  • A "No hassle, No Obligation" free quote on any used transfer make or model
  • Quality service and advice about what you need to get you back on the road
  • Fast courier service that delivers door to door or even to your mechanic
  • A used transfer case at a price you can afford

So why not call the team at Affordable Powertrain today on 888-260-7210 for a no obligation quote. 

Our motto at Affordable Powertrain is to ensure you get the right part, at the right time and for the right price.

We stock used transfer cases for the following manufacturers:

~Domestic~ ~Foreign~
chryslerChrysler (chevy) Used Engines Jaguar
AMC Jeep AMC-Jeep Mercedes Benz Mercedes Benz
General Motors General Motors Lexus Lexus
Dodge Chrysler Jeep Dodge Chrysler Jeep Used Engines Audi
Ford Ford Used Engines Volvo
Used Engines Oldsmobile Used Engines Saab
Used Engines Pontiac Used Engines Isuzu
Used Engines Saturn Used Engines BMW
Used Engines Accura Used Engines Nissan
  Used Engines Subaru
  Used Engines Toyota
  Used Engines Mitsubishi

If you cannot see your 4WD manufacturer here don't worry, because of the high turnover of stock at our warehouses we are unable to accurately place all manufacturers on the list so give us a call on 888-260-7210 to see if we have the used transfer case you need. Remember it's a free call and could save you days of trying to find the transfer case you need!

High quality Used Transfer Cases for Sale

Affordable Power Train .com is proud to provide an unmatched inventory of high quality used, rebuilt and remanufactured transfer cases for makes, models, and applications of all kinds. Whether you you’re looking for a selection truck transfer cases for industrial use, or a variety of rugged and affordable used transfer cases for your favorite four wheel drive, Affordable Power Train .com has exactly what you’re looking for at a price that will fit your budget.

All the used transfer cases for sale on our website are put through a series of stringent quality assurance and reliability tests before we offer them for sale, so you can rest assured that any used transfer cases you buy here will last a long, long time.

We also work with a large number of corporate clients who maintain medium to large fleets of work trucks. If you’re looking for replacement truck transfer cases for one or more trucks in your commercial or industrial fleet, we understand the importance of reliability and timeliness. The quality assurance standards on our truck transfer cases for sale are every bit as stringent as those of our standard used transfer cases, and we are dedicated to minimizing any potential slowdown of your commercial or industrial enterprise. Any of the truck transfer cases you purchase from Affordable Power Train .com can be shipped to any location you desire, further minimizing the downtime of your shipping or industrial operations.

This is a great time to purchase used transfer cases from Affordable Power Train .com, because we’ve got a huge inventory of parts we need moved out of our warehouses ASAP! In order to make room for new parts, we’re making unbelievable deals on our used transfer cases and transmissions, so don’t hesitate to take advantage of this special promotional pricing – it’s not going to last forever!

Service and expertise are important, and Affordable Power Train .com is devoted to providing all our shoppers with a superior purchasing experience. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff of real human beings is standing by to assist you in selecting and purchasing your used transfer cases, transmissions, or engine components, and all our potential customers are provided with the following information on their potential purchases:

  • A detailed summary of your transfer case history and usage information
  • Pricing and in-stock information updated in real time
  • A helpful staff of experts with the experience to help you make the proper selections
  • A quick and efficient delivery service that will ship your part out right away

Also, all pending purchases on used transfer cases include a "No hassle, No Obligation" quote absolutely free of charge, ensuring that all your purchase details or in order.

At Affordable Power Train .com, we’ve been a family owned company for ten years, so we know how important it is to maintain good relationships with our customers. If you’re not absolutely satisfied with your purchase, please let us know so we can make it right. Don’t hesitate – our friendly staff is ready and waiting by to assist you in finding the transfer cases you need! Call us today at 888-260-7210!