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Mitsubishi traces its roots all the way back to the 1870’s, when samurai decendent Yataro Iwasaki founded the company as a shipping, mining, and ship repair operation. Mitsubishi’s first car, the Model A, began the Japanese passenger auto market in 1917. This market, though, was admittedly small since most auto production was focused on the WWII Japanese war effort. Fast forward to 1960 when Call Now:
Mitsubishi launched the compact 500 which also launched Mitsubishi’s large scale passenger auto productions. This decade also proved that the automaker had diversity with its 360 Van, 360 Pickup, and the racing awards it won in Japan’s Grand Prix.

Between 1971 and 1981, Mitsubishi was selling its Colt model in the North American market, but because Chrysler purchased 15 percent of Mitsubishi’s stock, the Colt was sold as a Dodge in North America. In 1982, the Colt was finally sold as a Mitsubishi in the US. It was the Eclipse and 3000GT that made Mitsubishi such a hit in the US during the 1990’s. Today, Mitsubishi has come under stress because of vehicle defects and scandal within the company, though the automaker is attempting to redeem itself as the reliable and established manufacturer it has proven to be in the past.

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